CW Sec.-Gen. hopes SL House meets soon

Expressing note on the decision by the President to reconvene Parliament on November 14, Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland said she

hoped that Sri Lanka’s Parliament would meet as soon as possible to resolve the current crisis in the country.

She emphasised the importance of the role of Parliament as provided for under the Constitution.

The Secretary-General encouraged the political leaders and people of Sri Lanka to engage in constructive dialogue and ensure that the country’s Constitution and the rule of law was upheld.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General on Monday issued a statement on the political situation in Sri Lanka.

The Secretary-General referred to the Commonwealth Charter,

adopted in 2012 by all the member of the Commonwealth States,

which specifically referred to the responsibility of Governments,

political parties and civil society to uphold and promote democratic culture and practices.

“The Commonwealth remains ready to assist and will collaborate with other international partners to

provide support if required by the Government and people of Sri Lanka,” the statement said.